Arcade style Dart Board

The arcade style of electronic dart board is the top of the tree of electronic boards. These dartboards have everything you could wish for in an electronic darts set. They have just about every game you can think of programmed into them with dozens of variations.

They are fairly straightforward to set up and of course the height of the board is ready set up for you, no need for measuring up. They can be screwed into a wall for extra stability (which is best I think) or left free standing.

They also have loads of room in the cabinets in the bottom of the board to store all your dart accessories and lots more besides. Some are made from plastic, but the Arachnid CricketPro 800 Arcade style Electronic Dartboard is actually made from solid wood and looks like a piece of furniture, much more pleasing to the eye.

Amongst the options that come with the dartboards is a voice that tells you whose turn it is and can heckle you whilst playing to add extra fun to the game, X and O displays for the cricket game and the ability to keep track of at least 8 players and some boards up to 16 players playing at the same time.

All of the boards come with their own soft tip darts, but I would recommend you get your own set separately as the sets that come with any dart board set are usually not that good. The added bonus of using soft tips is that they are safer and do much less damage to your walls.

With boards from Halex and Arachnid, the pioneers of the electronic darts game you are getting products from market leaders in their field. The arcade style of electronic dartboards is a great way to enjoy the game of darts and they certainly look the business as well.