Travel Agent Service to Sell Spain

The travel industry has witnessed major changes over the past few years making the life of a travel agent harder and harder each day. With all the airlines commission cuts and new internet portals offering travel direct to the consumer it has taken quite a “piece of the pie” from a travel agent’s job.

Agents must think about the future and make the transition from your typical ticketing agent and tour package seller to becoming online travel specialists and reach consumers through the internet offering unique travel products/services. We have come up with a great solution for agents wanting to sell online!

Us, as a specialty online tour operator have decided to due away with the traditional “standard brochure” to sell our products, instead we have developed an affiliate link program to offer our products online with the most current and updated-to-date tours that we offer.

As well since our services are very customizable it makes more sense for us to offer our products in this fashion. Even in the case that a client would like a tailor-made tour we can create something from scratch and provide them with a detailed itinerary online in a private password-protected desktop online. For you, as the agent to keep control of your clients we allow you to access their trip details through your own desktop online,

it is quite remarkable how our online system works let us show you all about it! You might be asking “how do I get started?” Well the answer is simple, all you have to do is sign up your agency for online access and then once one of our specialists have reviewed your details we will get back to you with an authorization access email.

You then can login to your private Euro Desktop to find out how to become a Euro Affiliate Agent and start generating sales from consumers online. What is the Euro Affiliate Program? It is an Affiliation program that allows you to add links on your website that link to Adventurousness and selected tour products. Even if you don’t have your own website these links can be sent by email to your clients.

To blend in with your color scheme of your website we personalize affiliate links with 2 selected colours and a logo header. When visitors from your site click- thru to and buy a product you earn money. We offer travel agents commission starting at 8.5% and up to 18% on special Product Promotions. Get started selling specialty tours to Spain and Portugal online with no obligation! We would be glad to set up a trial account so you can see how it works step-by-step.

Travel Sentry Celebrates First Anniversary with New Product

The Travel Sentry Certified lock program was a success from the start. The product sold out in the first few months. There are now six manufacturers, 26 licensed distributors more than 25 approved models of the Travel Sentry Certified lock and lockable luggage and more than 3.5 million locks in use by travelers.

The locks can be found at thousands of speciality retailers, major national retailers including Brooks tone, Sharper Image, WalMart, Target, Lowes, Ace Hardware and at online “etailers” including eBags, Brookstone, Magellan’s, and the Sharper Image.

Today, on their first anniversary, Travel Sentry continues to develop products to ease the travel experience with the launch of the Travel Sentry TM Travel Tote, a convenient bag provided to travelers to place metal items in prior to going through airport security screenings.

During the peak Thanksgiving travel period, travelers will have access to more than 500,000 totes in seven airports across the country. The totes are distributed free as a service to the traveling public. “Travel Sentry specializes in facilitating solutions between government and private industry which benefit the flying public,” says John Vermilye, founder of Travel Sentry.

“Like Travel Sentry Certified locks, the new Travel Totes are a win for all concerned. Making the screening process faster is clearly good for the passenger. Making the screening process faster also benefits the TSA, the airlines and airports.

Passengers are organized and less stressed, TSA agents can screen more people faster and airlines should have fewer passengers rushing to their gates.” Travel Sentry Travel Totes will be available at the entrance of airport security screening lines. Travelers simply take the complimentary bag and place inside their metal items such as loose change, cell phones, and watches.

The Travel Tote then can be easily slipped into the traveler’s carry-on, briefcase or purse. Once the traveler passes through security, they can go directly to their gate and sort through their belongings. “Doing this eliminates congestion at the front and the back of the checkpoint and speeds up the screening process for everyone,” commented Vermilye. During the 2004 Thanksgiving travel period, the 500,000 Travel Totes will be distributed at the airports listed below. Airports interested in participating in the program are invited to contact Travel Sentry.

• San Francisco

• Nashville

• St. Louis

• Washington Dulles

• Oakland

• Colorado Springs

• Orlando Travel Sentry is an organization that provides security solutions for the traveling public and works closely with the Transportation Security Administration and luggage, lock and travel accessory manufacturers.

In 2003, the company developed the Travel SentryTM Certified lock standard that enables the traveling public to lock their checked baggage during travel while still allowing the TSA to search the bags as needed and then re-lock them. In 2004, the company introduced the Travel Sentry Travel Tote, a complimentary bag for travelers to consolidate their metal belongings prior to going through the airport screening process