Promotional Products Can Create A Buzz Around The Next Big Release

When times are tight, everyone is looking for added value for money. People manage to sniff out a bargain whenever the budget is low and one way to grab people’s attention is by giving away promotional products as part of the customer’s purchase. It can be a fantastic way of catching people’s interest and making your offer stand out above everyone else’s.

Whatever your product there will always be a relevant promotional product that can be given away as part of your offer. Relevance is the key to making your offer popular so use a promotional product that will get your customers excited in order to steal sales away from your competitors. This is especially effective for products that have generated a large amount of attention in the build up to release and where many different retailers are competing for the business.

Not everyone can afford to slash their prices and sell items at a loss, so by giving away promotional products with the item you are giving customers something more for their money. If this is something that can be collectible or marketed as a “limited edition giveaway” then this will generate a buzz around the promotion and turn your promotional products into “must have” items.

This is becoming a particularly effective marketing technique for high competition, cult items such as video games and books about a certain teenage wizard, and can increase sales for retailers who cannot afford to slash their prices to the levels of the large retailers.

You can also choose to put your brand on the promotional products and this will forever associate your brand with the item that people are getting excited about. This puts you in pole position for any inevitable sequels as people will look at you first when they are shopping for any related products. If they associate your brand with their favourite game or book then it will also encourage people to shop for other promotional items with you in the future.