Printed Tees

Printed Tees Please

Investing in high quality printed shirts represents one of the best ways to experiment with current styles, without having to make too much of a statement. There are many excellent streetwear, high street, and more boutique fashion brands out there that there are putting together great shirts with logos, graphic prints, and other designs – when selecting a printed t-shirt, you should always focus on ones that will last a long time, and that will stand up to wear and tear.

In terms of what to look out, streetwear brands like Boy London, Undefeated and Supremebeingrepresent just a few of the many labels that specialise in printed t shirts and sweatshirts – you can also look at vintage brands such as Quality Goods and Life & Glory, as well at Twisted Label, which can be found online through websites such as Blue Inc. Shopping for printed t shirts online gives you a large number of options for finding some excellent designs.

Printed t-shirts provide designers with the opportunity to experiment with single photo reproductions, or more ambitious prints that cover an entire shirt – camouflage printed t shirts are among the most popular trends that are currently available, and align well with longer term trends such as bomber jackets. At the same time, though, you can shop around for vintage printed t shirts, albeit remembering to look for ones where the print hasn’t faded too much.

Some designers also go further in terms of printed t shirts, whether that means using bright colours and neons, or designs that are printed in such a way as to make it look like you’re wearing a plaid shirt. Other designs can also push towards more controversial themes of celebrities, as well as ones that take on more neutral prints derived from paintings and other examples of modern art.

There’s also opportunities available to customise your own t-shirts by looking for companies that will add a print to an item of clothing – if you have a particular idea for a graphic that’ll work well, or if you have ambitions to design your own printed t shirts, it’s worth looking online to see what kinds of costs are associated with manufacturing limited editions of your designs, and how you potentially market them to other people.

One thing to remember, though, when it comes to printed t shirts and graphics is that they can be a bit sensitive to wear and tear; this can particularly be the case when it comes to washing them, with some limited edition teens being prone to fading. When looking for a printed t shirt for everyday use, rather than for collecting, always make sure that they can be machined washed, and that they have specific care instructions for ironing; not doing so can result in high quality shirts being quickly damaged and unusable, or at least not up to the standards in which they were designed.